"House of Natural Resources" at ETH Zurich: construction elements made from Swiss hardwood put to the test

At this year's Schweighofer Prize ceremony, one of the innovation prizes was awarded to the House of Natural Resources in Zurich. ETH Zurich opened the four-storey pilot house made of Swiss hardwood on the Hönggerberg Campus on 2 June 2015.

Led by Professor Andrea Frangi, an office building that is also a laboratory was built using innovative technologies and new construction elements made from Swiss hardwood. In the context of the National Research Programme "Resource Wood" (NRP 66), the Swiss National Science Foundation is supporting a project by Professor Andrea Frangi to develop high-quality and reliable load-bearing structures made of beech wood. The project focuses on beech veneer boards and their use in innovative composite ceilings that can now be seen in the House of Natural Resources. The National Research Programme "Resource Wood" (NRP 66) offers financial support to 30 research teams in Switzerland that are searching for new ways of using wood. Seven research projects are investigating new developments in timber construction. Hardwood, in particular, holds great potential for buildings and load-bearing structures because it is readily available in Switzerland.