Key topics

Dialogue field 1: Advancements in timber constructions

Today, wood is still most often used as a building material or to make furniture. NRP 66 aims to develop better adhesive bonding and wood-based construction materials, to encourage more widespread use of hardwood and to improve building acoustics, earthquake protection and product manufacturing.

Dialogue field 2: Novel ways in bio-refining of wood

The word "bio-refinery" stands for the industrial breakdown and cascaded use of wood. The goal of NRP 66 is to make significant progress in the production of "green" chemicals and fuels as well as wood energy and to enable more efficient processing of waste and used wood.

Dialogue field 3: Innovative wood-based materials for new applications

High expectations have been pinned to the development, application and industrial use of wood-based composite materials in new fields. The research topics addressed in NRP 66 include wood modification and protection processes as well as the use of nanocellulose or tannins for new industrial products.

Dialogue field 4: Provisioning and sustainable use of wood

Intensive wood use is only possible if sufficient raw wood can be made available and used in a sustainable manner. NRP 66 analyses lifecycles and studies the Swiss wood market with a view to facilitating wood procurement in the future.