Wood sector chooses path for new technologies

What recommendations of NRP 66 should S-WIN focus on in the future? This was the key question discussed by the around 90 experts who met at the Gurten in Bern to outline the "Agenda 2018".

Bertrand Piccard addresses the attendees of the S-Win Colloquium on the Gurten in a video message.

On 8 November, the recommendations emanating from NRP 66 were debated on the Gurten near Bern. After a video message from Bertrand Piccard, the guests of the S-WIN Colloquium discussed the outlook in the four dialogue fields "Provisioning of wood", "Wood-based materials", "Timber construction" and "Wood energy/bio refineries". The discussion was moderated by Olin Bartlome. In the afternoon, the priority areas of S-WIN were defined.

The first meeting after the conclusion of NRP 66 "Resource Wood" was organised by S-WIN and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The 90 participants were all innovative exponents of the wood sector: they represented industry (including Sägerei Schilliger and IKEA), education (including Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Bern University of Applied Sciences) and research (including ETH Zurich, the Paul Scherrer Institute, EMPA and others).

The previous day, the SNSF had presented four partial syntheses - one for each dialogue field. Based on these presentations, two series of workshops for each of the dialogue fields aimed to analyse the recommendations and identify priorities for the future work of the S-WIN dialogue platforms. Another goal for the S-WIN Colloquium was to provide a networking opportunity for actors from different fields, in order to identify market potential and push innovative product development.

The participants welcomed the format of the event, which included a structured question and answer session involving participants from all fields, followed by the workshops described above. The results of the workshops are currently being summarised and structured. They will be made available to the participants soon along with the presentations. S-WIN will be happy to send you these documents.

If you wish to receive the documents, please send an e-mail with the subject "Colloquium results".