NRP 66 in a nutshell: programme summary and four syntheses reports

NRP 66 closes with the key message: Wood has added-value. A programme summary and four thematic synthesis reports summarise the results.

The results of the 30 research projects of NRP 66 and the various dialogue events are now available. The programme summary (26 pages, available in German and French) offers an accessible overview of the results of the 30 research projects and the conclusions drawn from the programme overall. The four thematic synthesis reports (36-56 pages, in German and French) present the results of the research projects and the outcomes of the dialogue events in greater detail. The synthesis reports cover the broad research spectrum of NRP 66:

New developments in timber construction

Novel ways of bio-refining wood

Innovative wood-based materials

Provisioning and sustainable use of wood The programme summary and the four thematic syntheses can be downloaded from the NRP 66 website. Printed copies can be ordered free of charge from the SNSF.