“Industrial production” workshop in the dialogue field “Advancements in timber construction” (DP 1)

Industrial processes can help timber construction to achieve a breakthrough. At the invitation of NRP 66, experts from the timber industry are due to meet on 6 April to exchange ideas and opinions on the current situation, challenges and new solutions.

Start06.04.2016 07:15
End06.04.2016 13:45
VenueSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL)
Registration deadline06.04.2016

​One of the major challenges currently is how to design timber construction economically and sustainably compared with other construction methods, without sacrificing on the high levels of quality and design desired by today’s clients. Timber construction offers a major opportunity, provided that industrial processes are also taken into account. The conflict of interest arising from the individual planning and implementation of each construction project and, at the same time, efforts to achieve standardised construction processes, must not be seen as a contradiction. Unproductive activities and those that do not add any value must be minimised, while innovative and sustainable processes must be developed (further). This must involve everyone involved in the construction process.

The aim is for this subject to be discussed at the workshop by selected representatives from the timber construction industry. The focus is on the three subject blocks "Integrated production / production processes (Industry 4.0)", "Free forms / robotics" and "Cooperative planning / BIM". For all three blocks, discussion should focus on the current situation, current challenges as well as possible solutions and new approaches for the future.

Attendance by invitation